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Validating a treaty synonyms, more clues you might be interested in

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Synonyms for validation

This word is often used to confirm that something with high monetary value is real, like art. Repeat simply refers to someone saying or doing something again. When something is being confirmed, the stance or belief is being repeated.

It can be support to a person, statement, theory, or finding. Still, of course, if you said nothing to any one about the treaty these inquiries are irrelevant. When something is reaffirmed, it is at least the second time a position, statement, or commitment is being made. He eagerly affirmed his support for his sister.

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This password will validate your identity so that you can gain entry. Once we get everything back to the lab we can authenticate the age of the artifact. When something is affirmed it is said loudly and publically. Corroborate refers to giving support to someone or something.

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Substantiate refers to evidence that supports or proves something is true. Something can be confirmed in many different ways. When something is asserted it is done in a forceful, loud way. Confirm can also mean to verify something by officially giving a position to a person or a document can also make something official.

Synonyms for substantiative

Verify means to make sure that something is true, accurate or correct. Reaffirm means to say something again or to state or confirm something another time. Agreements, contracts, treaties are made official by being ratified.

Before the painting can be sold, an expert will need to authenticate it. Of course much mistrust does exist between parties, and it is exactly this which motivates putting in place a formal system of distrust. Authenticate means to prove that something is real.

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Validating is double checking. It is commonly expressed in civics as a division or balance of powers, sarah michelle gallar dating or in politics as means of validating treaty terms.

Since nearly ten weeks have elapsed, then, and nothing has been heard, it is not unfair to suppose that for some reason the treaty has not reached them. The treaty will cease to be secret in a few months. View in context Some one, then, was in that room where my precious treaty lay upon the table. Presuming that your theory is correct, if he can lay his hands upon the man who threatened you last night he will have gone a long way towards finding who took the naval treaty.

Did you ever mention to any one that it was your intention to give any one the treaty to be copied? Confirm is a word that has many synonyms, here are some of the most important. The thing that is being confirmed can be positive or negative.

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He would always come back to his lost treaty, wondering, guessing, speculating, as to what Holmes was doing, what steps Lord Holdhurst was taking, what news we should have in the morning. Are you willing to reaffirm your support? Thank you for repeating the test on the subjects. It would be helpful if a second person confirmed the research that I found. Extensive Definition Distrust is a form al way of not trust ing any one party too much in a situation of grave risk or deep doubt.

The politician reaffirmed his commitment to fulfilling his campaign promises. Once we ratify this contract we will be in agreement to sell our house. Assure means to tell someone a positive thing or to tell them something in a positive way.

Affirm means that something is said or stated as a fact. She promised to get the materials earlier today. As a synonym to confirm one would be assuring that something that was previously said is still true.

Parties compete in the system, but they do not compete to subvert the system itself, or gain bad faith advantage through it - if they do they are easily caught by the others. Holmes, that the thief took the treaty in order to frame it and hang it up.

This is usually used to agree with someone about something. Security has to verify your identity before they can let you in. When something is validated it means that something is already believed to be true or a certain way. Promise refers to declaring or assuring that someone will do something.

Confirm can also mean to reinforce something. After you have filed a police report we need to substantiate your claim. If the treaty had reached, let us say, the French or Russian Foreign Office, you would expect to hear of it?

Systems based on distrust simply divide the responsibility so that checks and balances can operate. You feared, as I understand, that very grave results might follow from the details of this treaty becoming known. All nations involved will need to ratify the treaty, in order for it to be effective. An electoral system or adversarial process inevitably is based on distrust, but not on mistrust.