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The film portrays witchcraft as a special, girls-only club, which is obvs something lesbians can relate to. Three women on a road trip, sharing their feelings. Also, there is a lot of flannel, sports jerseys, and serious overall action. Basically, Sally and Gillian go through a bunch of terrible things, along the way learning a lot about each other as sisters and also how to be happy with or without men.

But we like how these ladies are bonded together in extra deep ways, probably because they drink so much tequila together hello, Midnight Margaritas sounds like the best family tradition ever. Seriously did anyone besides the homos love the sequel, maybe not. It was on the set of Foxfire that Angelina met her first girlfriend, Shimizu.

Mary-Louise Parker

It can intervene if it sees worrying trends or serious matters of concern. She sulks around in over-sized t-shirts and messy hair. And of course we all went out and bought a book of spells and some black lipstick, even if we never got around to forming a coven. The character of Finn is kind of brooding, confused and agitated.

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The witchcraft thing just adds another badass layer. There are a few epic scenes involving large insects and hair loss, uccelli da colorware online dating then everyone learns about karma! How to Make an American Quilt Want the weird girls to see your normal-looking movie? For any complaints and enquiries you may contact us here. This whole movie is about female empowerment and all the special benefits you get from being a woman.

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