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Javascript function for validating phone number, why Telephone Numbers are Different

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You can find some example code in the repository which complements this article. This is a great way to validate the input since the user will be notified before submitting the data if it is valid or not. For security purposes it is imperative that we validate all user input on the server side. Often times we can give our users an example and they will still enter the wrong format. You can also get it via npm.

You can also play with a live demo here.

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Client vs Server Validation There are two ways of validating user input, server side and client. The problem with validating user input on the client side is that there is no security. First, who skai jackson dating virtually no one would type or read out their number in that format.

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Nevertheless, they can be effective if you know that certain numbers will be within a particular range. As a developer we never really know how they might input the number.

Number Methods and Properties