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My parents raised their family here and their parents raised their family here! If Donnie Brantley did kill his wife, they say a look at the family finances may provide a motive. We'll certainly run into one another. But DeLude never got that call. What concerned me more with Marsha was not what she shared, but what she didn't share.

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He was cool, calm, steady as a rock. Well, I mean, there have been cases known where women did commit suicide during this time. And Donnie Brantley is going to pay for what he's done to her.

What was the state of their marriage in those last months prior to Marsha's disappearance? The call went to voicemail.

It was a lot of sadness, I mean, it was just heartbreaking. The cellphone never left pinging from a tower that's two miles or less from the home. DeLude found a member of Marsha's writing club and got more disturbing news. She was too busy to notice. But after seven months behind bars, Donnie is freed when then-Prosecutor Steve Bebb decides he doesn't have enough evidence yet and drops the charges.

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In the end, it would be her hairdresser who tipped authorities to a potential murder. No one took much notice until her hairdresser, Kelly DeLude, is emma watson dating logan lerman worried about a missed appointment and started asking questions.

Imagine losing both your parents in less than a month. We didn't think that it was time yet.

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How would you describe her? Lee Davis, Brantley's attorney, says his client is percent innocent. We're gonna create within this district a cold case working group. Four cars pulled up and told him to get on the ground.

She was a friendly person, a sweet person. This is a very important day for Donnie Brantley. Terrero worked with Marsha's doctor, who prescribed medications for her right up to the time she disappeared. And you can cut and talk at the same time.

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And there was something else Marsha left behind that friends and family say she valued more than all the material possessions in the world. But shortly after the newlyweds settled down, tragedy struck. He was financially supported by his wife. Two years after his election, District Attorney General Stephen Crump charged Brantley again with essentially the same evidence. That performance, combined with circumstantial evidence, helped convince police in August to arrest Donnie Brantley and charge him with the murder of his wife.

Authorities have not located Marsha's body but were able to charge her husband with premeditated first-degree murder based on evidence. She would have cut him off from the money. She took a camper and moved to Townsend, Tennessee. Growing up, Jana was especially close to Marsha, her older cousin.

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Kim Shank was Marsha's closest friend. She was the love of your life, right? Was having severe depression.

What proof is there that she's, in fact, dead? But it would take another two years to arrest and recharge him. People don't just disappear and not be seen for nine years. We don't have a crime scene. And they had a real marriage?

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Marsha and Donnie Brantley Jana Wills The investigation was full of seeming contradictions from the start. He's using her phone after he's told law enforcement that she took it. There was not a picture of Marsha to be seen anywhere.

If Marsha had left, investigators were struck by what she had left behind. While Donnie was apparently seeking a new love interest, investigators say he couldn't seem to keep his story straight about his old love, Marsha. He lied about her cellphone. It's hard seeing my father in this way, it's a scary thing. They were upset by the chaos they found.

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