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Disadvantages dating younger man

However, after dating a man your age for year after year, you can be looking for something new and exciting. Public reception of you and your older mate may reflect this stereotype, which could generate stares and whispers from passersby. You might just not have anything to talk about because your age gap could leave you missing out on key things that a lot of people within the same generations have in common. If a survey of Nigerian mothers is conducted, the answers gotten will very likely confirm this. They don't have to look for a man to support them because they support themselves.

However, you are right to consider the disadvantages as well. It can put a toll on you when you think you are with someone who just looks prettier than you at every second of every day.

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With an age gap sometimes it can be hard to find things to talk about. Introspection is the key if you want to make this work for yourself. Being with them will be easy on the eyes and make you feel pretty suave that you snagged someone like them. If the difference in ages between you and your man leaves you with few shared interests, it may be difficult for you to decide upon activities that you both enjoy, leading to a strained relationship. You will get yourself someone who looks good enough to suit you and is strong enough to do things that most older guys can no longer do.

And honestly it never looked all that strange because the women all look good for their ages. If you have self-esteem issues you might not want to date someone with an age gap much lower than yours as it might make you feel even older. So you will have to decide how much immaturity you can tolerate. The only way this relationship will work is if you accept the idea that you can be older and still be just as sexy as they are.

Dating should be fun and something that makes you happy. Erin Schreiner Some love-lorn singles find that their knight in shining armor is a bit more advanced in age than they are. Most women balance out the good and the bad before deciding if lack of experience is a problem. You could be in for a wild ride or you could be in for a horrendous mistake.

Dating can be a great way to experience your life and embrace the fun side of living. Where it was once unimaginable for women to ask men out, or declare sexual interest in them first, they are now being encouraged to get their game on. Another disadvantage is that you might not have things in common. To determine how much impact your guy's relationship past is going to have on your future together, be on the look-out for issues created by his baggage from the start.

This is something that you should seriously consider if you want a family of your own. Older men often come with complications. Be prepared to be teased or joked about. Another advantage is that they are going to be pretty and healthy. View pics for free now on Match.

It can put a toll

They could take you to places that are new and fresh, introduce you to new foods, or modern concepts. But, it doesn't have to be a major issue.

Overall, age may be just a number, but there are also many things that go along with it. If you most enjoy staying out late, engaging in physically demanding activities or dancing the night away, a low-energy older man may not be the best partner for you.