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Detailsview itemupdating newvalues

Fine, I made them two-way databound. Ok I dont know why this is, but maybe someone can explain it to me. The problem is I am unable to find the checkboxes in the placeholder when I hit the itemupdated event. But I could not delete or update any data as it would tell me there were no fields upon the post back in the ItemDeleting or ItemUpdating event handlers.

Do you think you can look at my code as see what might be wrong. How does Visual Studio create ado. Exception Is Nothing ThenIf e. Previous posts have said the sqldatasource Updated event has an exception in it, but I don't get any Updated event. FormView Control I'm running into a behavior which seems odd to me.

The columns from the sqldatasource display fine in the DetailsView and I can edit them. The sqldatasource update sql looks correct. They are all inherits TableRow Class. My problem is that all the OldValues for these one-way databound labels come up null, even though they have values.

But i am not finding same function in detailsview. FindControl method to find the TextBox, retrieve data to be updated and manually query database via SqlCommand.

The columns from theThe sqldatasource update sql looks

My custom data routine that I was using to bind data to my DetailsView was comming from the active directory. So I figured maybe they have to be two-way databound to access the OldValues collection.