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Debian console tty0 enabled bootconsole disabled dating

Driver is included

Driver is included in kernel packages, so network is expected to operate normally after installation is completed. Debian is commited to free software values and never make the system require non-free software see Debian's Social Contract. The process is documented in the installation manual. Fails to boot after successful install on a btrfs root The installation finishes as normal, but after reboot it results into an initramfs busybox prompt. Copyright c - Intel Corporation.

Debian is commited

This is due to a potential race between detection and frame buffer start. See and this kerneltrap article for details. This is a kernel bug, for which a patch is available, however it may be not fully fixed.

The installed system is unaffected by the problem. But if you want to load any external firmware during installation you are free to do it. Windows is not added to the grub list The Debian Installer detects Windows during installation but it not adds it to the grub boot menu. So, non-free firmware is not included in the installer. See and similar merged bugs.