Dating the enemy 1996 subtitles

Dating the enemy 1996 subtitles

The major problem for Dating

The story follows Tash Claudia Karvan and Brett Guy Pearce who, despite having almost nothing in common, fall for each other at first sight. There is no low level noise present. The darker scenes generally show enough information to make out the action, but more subtle detail is invisible. The problems are not so severe that the disc becomes unwatchable, but they certainly detract from the enjoyment level.

Film-to-video artefacts do not fare so well.

Aliasing is also a constant presence, showing up in most scenes. The major problem for Dating The Enemy is that its genre has been so well covered that even what is actually a good effort pales into comparison to the many great comedies from the same genre. From this point, the two have to work through the body-switch and figure out what it means for them, and what it is that fate is trying to tell them.

Aliasing is also a constant presence

Jump to a year later, and things are not as rosy as they should be, and following a particularly nasty argument, Brett and Tash break up. There are a few occasions, predominantly in brightly lit conditions, where the colours become slightly washed out, but these are rare and not distracting. Fortunately, this disappears once the real action starts, but it is disturbing none the less.