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Sometimes grown-ups tell me very important things that I need to know. Using Social Stories see below can be helpful, and allowing them to choose their own hygiene products can give them more ownership of their self-care. If that happens, I need to wait patiently.

Sometimes grownups tell me

For example, they need to understand why covering their mouth when coughing is important, ie it stops germs from being spread which may make other people sick. Those who can communicate verbally make it very clear that they enjoy having romantic relationships, as do even those who are nonverbal.

Text is written in different colors to convey different emotions or meanings for example, green for happy, red for sad, yellow for scared, black for facts, and orange for questions. These drawings serve to illustrate verbal communication, providing additional support to individuals who struggle to comprehend the quick exchange of information that occurs in a conversation. In order for them to make good choices, it is our responsibility as parents to teach them about these very personal topics. Sometimes I think it is too loud. Comic strip conversations can be used to plan for a situation in the future that may be causing anxiety or concern, for example an exam or a social event.

They might have something to tell me that I need to know right away. Specific Topics Puberty People on the autism spectrum usually like predictability and routine and dislike change. These describe the internal states of people, their thoughts, feelings, and mood.

This can cause them a lot of anxiety and break their concentration. Sex Many times, parents are reluctant about teaching pre-teens and teenagers on the spectrum about sex. For complex situations, or for people who have difficulty reporting events in sequence, comic strip boxes may be used, or drawings can be numbered in the sequence in which they occur.

So gather information about the person including their age, interests, attention span, level of ability and understanding. Some pre-teens and teenagers have a hard time with the idea that their bodies are changing and that they are getting bigger and growing out of their clothes.

Even though it feels important, it can wait. An interesting YouTube video you may wish to check out Adults with autism have posted many worthwhile YouTube videos in which they discuss romantic relationships and give advice. This makes them easier to find and review, and to develop with new information. They state, in positive terms, what the desired behavior is.

Using Social Stories see