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Nick and Noah were both perplexed with Sharon's flakiness when days later, Sharon inexplicably decided to move back to the club. Nick raced to Matt's apartment, only to find him on the floor in a pool of blood. Nick and Sharon divorced with joint custody of Noah, and Sharon received their house in the settlement.

Despite that, Nick went home and told Phyllis that it was over. Then Nick and Michael arrived with a marshal who took Adam into custody for questioning in the murder of Skye Lockhart.

Sharon called Adam to let him know that she had arrived and was waiting for him at a hotel. Nick wanted to wait and tried to talk her into an abortion, but Sharon couldn't do it. Phyllis happened to walk by just as Adam shoved Dr. Nick and Phyllis continued to be thrown together by business, and they ended up stranded in New Mexico. One evening Carter was invited to dinner at their home, so he arranged for Nick to be very late.

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They later opened a second location in Milwaukee, and had plans for a third. Sharon had been afraid to risk her marriage by reporting it to the police, so she had stayed away long enough for her bruises to heal. After Skye refused to return home with Sharon, Sharon took a photo as proof that Skye was alive. Nick and Phyllis moved into the renovated tack house on the Newman Ranch so Nick could be close to his son. Sharon asked him to just keep her safe from the rest of the world, and Jack promised he would.

They arrived home to find Eden and Noah having sex on their couch. Adam felt guilty for causing Sharon's death by talking her into escaping, and pled with his dead mother Hope to look after Sharon and tell him how to go on without her. Cameron was declared missing, and Grace Turner arrived in Genoa City looking for him.

Months later, Sharon fell on the ice and went into early labor. Sharon met him, but refused to go through with it. Taylor's sexual assaults of his patients. Nick and Sharon bought Crimson Lights Coffee House, the scene of their courtship, to keep it from going out of business and so they would have something to work on together.

Jack and Nick decided to start a new Internet and print magazine. The letter told Ashley that she had had a miscarriage months before and a hysterical pregnancy afterward, so never gave birth that night.

He took Sharon on an exhilarating motorcycle ride to help cheer her up. As Victor predicted, the first edition of Restless Style did not do as well as expected, but later issues made it very successful. When you take a look at all the different adaptations and their varying degrees of success, it seems that one key element in terms of audiences is the matter of the genital blurring.

Unlike Nikki, Victor adored Sharon, and even paid for an operation for her mother, which Doris could not afford. Meanwhile Adam had tracked down Koa and left on a plane for Bangkok, Thailand where he found Koa in a beach bar. Once again, Sharon and Nick fell back into the old attraction and had sex there themselves. The jet crashed on the way back, and as they were going down, Adam showed Sharon a note that said that her baby was still alive.

His mother, Phyllis, bailed him out, beside herself with the thought that the son she had lost for so many years could be taken from her again and imprisoned. Phyllis and Nick divorced, and Nick began spending a lot of time with Sharon and their baby Faith. Sharon arranged to meet Noah in Paris at the end of the class trip so they could spend some time together there. Only the jacket she wore was found below the falls, so she was presumed dead.

As Victor predicted the first edition