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Dating royal copenhagen porcelain christmas

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Collector's Guide to Royal Copenhagen Porcelain. The Royal Copenhagen trademarks shown below were used on porcelain and fine china with blue under glazed decorations. Well, the short answer is no, this is not an early example of this model.

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All Royal Copenhagen marks that include text are printed in capitals in a non-serif font. Like some other porcelain companies, Royal Copenhagen figurines have a variety of ways to determine a date range.

Pontil marks - Some larger pieces required additional support during firing, resulting in small circular marks beneath the supported area. Used since small trademark.

This makes it possible to tell the age of each piece of porcelain by Royal Copenhagen. In until the words Royal Copenhagen replaced the circle. Royal Copenhagen Christmas plates, figurines and some porcelain sets.

On my other piece, the mark is much newer and clearer.

The circle was dropped from non export marks. Separated with two dots one each side of the word Royal the words sit above the three wavy lines. This, I assume, is the pre mark but because of the blurry mark, I am not positive. Also we intend to generate and translate more information about Danish Porcelain Artists, markings, dating and the different china patterns.