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According to the Bible, Moses led the Israelites, or a portion of them, out of Egypt. In fact however, the Arab countries each had separate agendas. Jerusalem was conquered about by the Caliph Umar Omar who gave his protection to its inhabitants. The British were supposed to help the Jews build a national home and promote the creation of self-governing institutions. The British responded with the Passfield White Paper.

The Jewish plantation owners had previously hired Arab workers who accepted low wages and were very familiar with agriculture. Emancipation of Jews triggered a new type of virulent anti-Jewish political and social movement in Europe, particularly in Germany and Eastern Europe. The United States failed to live up to its guarantees of freedom of the waterways to Israel. Palestine has been settled continuously for tens of thousands of years. The Arabs became bitter from the discrimination despite the small number of Arabs that were affected by this.

The Arab League instituted an economic boycott against Israel that was partly honored by most industrial nations and continued in force until the s. The area granted to the mandate was much larger than the area sought by the Zionists. Nasser understood that he had lost the element of surprise and called off the attack.

The same fate was forced on the ancient Jewish community of Peki'in. Jerusalem was held under a siege with no access to weapons, food or water. The mandate provided for an agency in which the Jews could represent Jewish interests and promote Jewish immigration.

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The white paper attempted to stop immigration to Palestine based on the recommendations of the Hope Simpson report. He did not reply when Herzog asked him if he was offering peace, but said he would reply in time. The Romans called the large central area of the land, which included Jerusalem, Judea. The Romans named the area Palaestina, at about this time. The British and French saw the Mandates as instruments of imperial ambitions.

The immigrants were inspired by the notion of creating a national home for Jews. However, most of the local population gradually accepted Islam and the Arab-Islamic culture of their rulers. He was also a personal friend of Winston Churchill. He believed large numbers of Jews could now be brought to Israel to settle the territories, and the Arabs would be given a choice between becoming citizens or leaving. Lawrence and backed by Sharif Husayn revolted against the Ottomans in the belief that Britain would help establish Arab independence in the Middle East.

According to the Bible