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Very quickly he was slamming the length of his meat deep inside of her, with the slap, slap, slap of his balls keeping time. We ate quickly, paid our bill and called Paul to pick us up. As I started sucking on her tit, I took my hands and pulled her dress down to her hips.

She wouldn't like it, of course. But as much as I wanted to just start fucking her, I also wanted to go a bit slower to give Paul a chance to drive to a secluded place. It took me about a month after that conversation to set up the big night. She was crazy with lust, begging me to eat her pussy. When he got out of the car, we were not disappointed.

Very quickly he was

She was careening violently toward her orgasm when I motioned for Paul to come closer, then pulled out again. We both thought it was the hottest thing we had ever done. This time she would not be denied.

We ate quickly

He was clearly watching the show from his rear view mirror. Paul was receiving one of my wife's spectacular blowjobs. Using both hands, she was feverishly sucking it like a hungry slut. My wife looked smoking hot when she emerged from our bedroom that evening. With Paul now directly in front of her, she reached out her hand and grabbed his fat cock.

She moved with a sense of purpose. As the car pulled away from the curb, I placed my hand on her bare thigh and started to slide it up her leg. She was moving quickly toward her first orgasm of the night, so I thought it wise to redirect my efforts. She was getting aroused and we hadn't even started yet.

When the car slowed down and took a turn, I suggested we regain our composure and prepare for our dinner date. After a couple of minutes, I decided it was time to fuck her again. Dinner conversation started out somewhat strained, but quickly turned to a recap of the drive. She was leaning back in the seat, totally absorbed in the oral sex I was giving her. Oh, that I lived to see this day.