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Serial numbers would be most valuable for approximating the date of manufacture of the individual instruments and for estimating the total production of Jeffries concertinas. Seven-fold bellows and other patterns for the bellows papers were available on demand.

Later bellows tooling has a gap at the center. Jeffries bellows appears to have involved two operations of a single pattern stamp. We emphasize the preliminary nature of these articles. George was injured in the war and went on disability. Charles Jeffries moved to this address in and died in so that is the only guide to the date.

Unusual Jeffries instruments in the Horniman Museum Collection include a key instrument with wood fretwork and a key instrument with metal sides, as well as metal fretwork. The latter type of gold tooling ends in an open ellipse at the corners, whereas the earlier type appears to have an additional small filled ellipse after the open ellipse see Fig. Wes Williams was fascinated by a key Maccann Duet concertina and its history while studying Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Kingston University, Surrey in the early s.

However, the actual impact on the concertina market may have been less than often supposed. We do not know the extent to which the Jeffries brothers reduced production or sales activities during the First World War. Unpublished manuscripts, Horniman Museum Library.

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He has been a collector for over thirty years, since first encountering concertinas when he was a folk singer and Morris dancer. The products of the trade encompassed everything from brushes for floor sweeping to elegant hair brushes and small fine handbrushes for bench work. The earliest days of Charlie Jeffries are somewhat of a mystery. The key raised-end duet concertina shown in Fig.

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In addition to their distinctive bellows papers, Jeffries concertinas are characterized by gold tooling in the leather covering the bellows frame that attaches to the end assembly. Jeffries concertina, Praed Street The mainstays of the C.

Some instruments offer a Bb at that position. These lists contain information about Wheatstone model numbers and descriptions which are useful to interpret the Wheatstone Concertina Ledgers. The Jeffries sons may have availed themselves of the opportunity to do some other re-tooling as well. He used the hardest steel there was, very solid.