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The present company is a new corporation that bought the rights to the name and Ithaca shotguns. These next two photographs are of the Enger Kress shoulder holster that came with the pistol above. The photograph on the right is of the underside of the plastic grip panels.

Reports say over pistols may become available. Seems to make sense, but I'm still searching for documentation. They were even hosting old vets on battlefield tours, sometimes right to the very foxholes where they found personal artifacts. Now they are history in your hand.

This stamped trigger assembly became known as the Yawman Trigger due to the fact that it was fabricated by the Yawman Metal Products Co. Maybe Melter could help you more. Finally, reading any thoughts on its value. Also found on barrels and slides. Any more thoughts would be appreciated.

It appears to me that the Meadows and Poyer books took Clawson's work at face value, and cited his work in their books. Some are better than others but nothing about that frame looks correct. Originally Posted by dbursiel.

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Stamped before the finish is applied. Or do you just know the case numbers and shipments? Several functions may not work. My old unit only retains about and perhaps more or less for the others.


Remington Rand serial number variations. Has the firearm been seen previously? There are go gaps or machining marks, and everything fits tightly.

Has it been around a while, or seen in a display previously? Bryan Stoops, head of manufacturing for the handgun, and his team spend the day testing new customer guns for fit and function. Find all posts by Rob Greer.

Frame and Slide Markings

Without better proof of its orginality, I'd have to agree with kwill. It would be very cool to get the providence to go along with it to have a comprehensive history of your pistol. That is where Clawson got the number. The Upper Sandusky facility, which was converted from a roller rink into a gun company, is home to some of the most modern machining tools available.

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Some of the information above may not exist. From about to the end of production the P was placed centered in front of the rear sight and on the frame. Maybe they did, but I don't see any additional context to the subject after the Clawson work. Regards, Kevin Williams Attached Images. Is that where a lot of them shipped to?

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Find all posts by WhiteCoyote. An empty magazine will easily eject from the pistol under its own weight. Is there a serial number list that the Army has? From Serial Number about to end of production.

These will be indicated in the descriptions below. The best action is to document reproduction items, and talk about them in forums like this. Put the original parts back in. If the ridge is absent and it should be there, latinas dating outside their The pistol most likely has been refinished. Here's an example of numerical scan order vs.

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Find all posts by tristan. Find all posts by dbursiel. Any how do you know Ogden or Benicia?

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  • Looking at the pictures of the markings in Clawson's small book, some of the fonts on the frame appear to be the wrong size and slightly off.
  • See the note in the Ithaca invoice to that effect.
  1. Your note provided further clarity to some of Clawson's statements.
  2. At the very least the frame looks to be fake.
  3. Finally, to keep the pistol from firing should the full cock break or fail to engage the sear, a half cock notch was employed.
  4. Remington Rand slide markings variations.
  5. It would be a toss-up on whether the barrel is original or not.

David, unfortunately it's definitely not an Ithaca-produced gun. The frame wasn't made by Ithaca at all and one way to confirm that is to look at the shape of the rear tang and compare it to any other Ithaca frame made at the time. Also, what to look for to see if Colt or other parts were used by Ithaca in these early run guns. Click here to see common exterior markings examples. Satisfaction of duplicating originals.

Ithaca 1911

The gun has obviously been re-parkerized, which may make it less appealing to some collectors. Are there records for shipments before that, but the serial numbers are all out of order? The barrel shows the usual mild corrosion consistent with many rounds of corrosive ammo. This is an excerpt from the full article that appeared in the April issue of Gun Digest the Magazine.

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Other marks such as the standard slide manufacturers identification slide legend were always done before final finishing. They may be able to provide information and places to go to get parts. Only by studying lots of pistols will one know what he is looking at, and that is getting to be more and more difficult. Information About Us Contact Us.

There are not many units that still issue a much less have any on the books but a rough estimate is close to a dozen scattered about the Army. Any alterations were done by the Army armorers based on their judgements of servicability. When you pull the slide back there is no unevenness or roughness, a testament to the job Bryan and his team do during the finishing stages of production. Then after finishing and inspection, the serial number was stamped.

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Handgun Review The Ithaca 1911s

To answer your original question though, the complete Ithaca records are now public and have been reviewed countless times by countless people. Detailed pics of both sides of your pistol would help discern further details about it. This proof mark is found on both the slide as seen in the picture and on the frame of the pistol. For some reason, this subject kept me awake for a couple of hours last night, thinking about the possibilities.

On the first leg of the trip we checked out a very interesting museum in Alasmeer, Holland called the Crash Museum. The original hammer is the wide type not often seen on Army pistols. So what you are saying is the shipping records may not exist? You can attach this thread to it.

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