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Oddly enough, the girl I dated last winter was a blast when we were getting to know each other. Otherwise I'd be warning you about Dawn of the Dead rather than throwing fitty bones at it. Like instead of awkwardly approaching a woman in a bar, doing it via email while sitting on the couch watching Family Feud.

The actual colorspace for Rec. Fury Road, and so on - were all, seemingly at least, re-graded from scratch specifically to show off how vibrant and pretty and magical this new format was. As if anyone cares at that point. Things get more complicated when you talk about a modern movie - something like, say, The Martian. Oh, the lengths scaredy-cat cats will go to in order to cover up their preferred meowing ways.

Consider the following a primer of sorts for anyone who's about to take the plunge on a new display. They had several kissing and bed scenes. You guessed wrong, my friend. Ladies love having a friend like me though, I'm honest and straight forward and don't play games and I don't operate with ulterior motives.

But having weighed this one out for weeks, I'd rather take the time to explain why I won't be doing it - and why nobody but those with way too much money to burn should bother, either. Maybe it's just me but it seems like the possibility of that happening is diminishing. Case in point, my New Year's resolution is to find Toothy Tile. Holding aside the Metadata and Display Gamut nonsense, one of the few times where that crazy expanded colorspace really would be an amazing boon would be video games. You know, that offering from fickle paramour picker Anne Heche.

And all of that is irrelevant when discussing delay, because it's based on actual milliseconds going into the display. This is the biggest deterrent for me when it comes to traditional dating and that's why I don't like doing it. Ask anyone Even so, the fact that this wasn't even a consideration is shocking to me. Yesterday, while flipping through remote cable channels, I saw a really bad move starring Kate Jackson.

As far as I know, Toothy Tile's still very much in the closet. But it's hard to blame them in some cases, I admit. In fact, you said some of the exact same things you just said now. Not many men look good in Lycra, but Jakey is one of the few who can rock this ultraclingy fabric right, in my opinion.

But I also want a three foot erection that breathes fire, so grain of salt there. Her husband, a doctor, was leading a double life in L.

Kinda like catching a glimpse of yourself in the mirror while having elaborate sex. Not in Awfulville, at least.

Beautiful, spread the cheeks on that thing and go to town. Basically, every I-frame once a second or so is much sharper, and noisier, than the B-frames and P-frames that follow, which have something of a softer, more diffuse look. And, yes, video game mechanics themselves are slower now than they were a decade ago to account for this phenomenon, if you can believe it. Think scrawnier and more Oscar-worthy. Harry was actually very good, maybe too good.

But I also want a three

At least know what the hell you're getting into. In other words, the source media is always encoded as Rec. It is limited to bit, however, while Dolby Vision is up to bit. Because that disables plenty of the internal processing and lets you get data in as fast as humanly possible.