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Dating antique inkwells, antique Ink Bottles

Antique Ink Bottles

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Cone inks were used from the early s to early s. Such glass products can be easily recognised by the rough unpolished seams running on their external surface. That is why sanders have a bowl like top.

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However, many inkwells were also made of ceramics, waterproof porcelain or glazed slipware pottery, stone, wood, metals and brass but also silver and gold and many other materials. Metal inkwells were pricier to make than their glass counterparts, although brass moulds were fairly mass produced.

Victorian and later inkwells are still relatively modestly priced and affordable for new collectors. However, even then most of the writing had to be done with steel nib straight pens dipped in inkwells. Some Berlin iron and Vienna cold painted bronze inkwells, which often include figural or intricate architectural decorations, are exceptionally sought after pieces. Though it was more lucrative to sell silver inkwells and sell gold inkwells, production costs were higher, janet jackson and justin timberlake dating meaning these items were mainly purchased by the wealthy.

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Collecting Inkwells

Antique Ink Bottles An ink bottle was made of glass and typically sat on a desk. The most sought after inkwells are those having the most intricate patterns and unusual colours.

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Pontilled umbrella inks in fancy colors are some of the most expensive inks sought by collectors. Selling inkwells may be more lucrative than you think! The glass varied from colourless translucent to Ruby red, Bristol blue, milky opaque, Cranberry, yellow and other colours. In the industrial age these were often machine-cut decoration pieces, but moulded and pressed glass pieces were also in production. Burst lip English inks were produced from s to s.

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The larger master ink pint or quart size was used to store ink and refill the smaller ink wells. Because they set on a desk, ink bottles were often decorative. These often fetch hundreds of pounds at auctions and are fought over by international enthusiasts. This indicated one of the major and final steps in the global shift from a nib and ink based writing to ball-point pens. The writer would dip the pen or quill into the bottle to put more ink on the pen.

Antique and Vintage Inkwells

After absorbing and drying the ink, it was poured back in the sander to be used again. Ink bottles were shaped so they were hard to tip over. See Lucy Faulkner's newsletter article on Turtle Inks. The oncoming change had been on the cards for about a century, since the appearance of the first practically usable fountain pen in the midth century. The old paper didn't absorb ink rapidly and the dip pens often left much ink, so to dry the ink and keep it from smearing, a fine sand was sprinkled on the ink.

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