An exception is thrown otherwise

Dataadapter not updating datatable

An exception is generated if it refers to a nonexistent column. Parameters are mapped to the current row through the SourceColumn and SourceVersion properties of a. RowChanged events for the updated DataRow.

If the command is set

For more information and an example, see Retrieving Identity or Autonumber Values. This setting indicates that the value of the parameter is not set manually, but is taken from the particular column in the currently processed row. The original version of each column's data will not be changed. If SourceColumn refers to a nonexistent column, the action taken depends on one of the following MissingMappingAction values. The samples uses DataAdapter.

If the record

The following C code illustrates this behavior. Each command associated with the DbDataAdapter usually has a parameters collection associated with it. When you create a DataTable, you can only write the data from database to the current version or the original version by setting the property as the LoadOption.

Let me try to add some more information. Example The following examples demonstrate how to perform updates to modified rows by explicitly setting the UpdateCommand of a DataAdapter and calling its Update method.

If the command is set to FirstReturnedRecord, then the first returned result is placed in the DataRow. If the record is missing then it is added this works fine. The SourceColumn property of the parameter should be set to the name of the column.

For updated records I call AcceptChanges and SetModified on the row to ensure I thought that the application calls the correct method. Equals typeof DateTime Console.

So, the sample uses these rows to insert the new rows into the database. The changes in excel happen inside excel by the end user. SourceColumn refers to a DataTable column that the DataAdapter references to obtain parameter values for the current row. Yes, that should work in theory. You must define the PrimaryKey yourself to ensure that duplicate rows are resolved correctly.

SourceColumn refers to the unmapped column name before any table mappings have been applied. At this point dt is a datatable with some values in it. After a row updates successfully, the changes to that row are accepted.

The OnRowUpdated event is raised. Passthrough Use the source column names and table names in the DataSet if no mapping is present. Ordering of Inserts, Updates, and Deletes In many circumstances, the order in which changes made through the DataSet are sent to the data source is important.