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Moreover, James was totally broken after Peta broke the relationship. He has two siblings a sister Ali Thom and a brother Philip Maslow. American Actor Singer Related Post. He has an American nationality and likes singing and dancing in his spare time.

Well, life is long, and you need to detach that specific person and their memories from your life to move on. Some try to move on by dating a new person, while some live their life in a flow. It seems that James is now busy uplifting his career and putting his personal life aside. Relationships are not always blessed ones. Some of the relationship and its past are really heartbreaking and the strong people move ahead but few of them stuck in the past and can not move further to brighten their life.

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Dailymail Their kiss, which was fuel to the fire, was later revealed to be a choreographed move. So at this point, I'm just dating. James suggested the kiss during their rehearsals as the finishing touch.

This handsome hunk of a man has dated a rather amount of girlfriends over the years of his career. It seems that he is busy with his career as he shows no interest in finding a lady who could be a perfect wife for him in the future. Lately, he has dated a few women but none he thinks that are worthy of getting married or being a wife of James Maslow. There he fell in love with the professional dancer Peta Murgatroyd.

They started dating in January and ended very quickly and abruptly in May of the same year. The kiss was like salt to the salty food and people were puzzled seeing this scene. Twenty-six years old James Maslow participated on the eighteenth season of Dancing with the Stars, where he fell in love with the professional dancer Peta Murgatroyd. You can date a lot until you find the person you want to create a relationship with, but it needs to be a clear distinction.

He also posts daily on his adventures on expensive boat rides and fancy parties. However, until any confirming statement from James, the truth remains confined to the dancer himself.

However until any confirming statement