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Shown here, the pope asks Charlemagne for help at a meeting near Rome. Charles, unusually, had himself crowned with the Iron Crown and made the magnates of Lombardy do homage to him at Pavia. Northern Italy was now faithfully his.

Daily Life in the World of Charlemagne. Charlemagne left and Pippin the Hunchback. The border with Aquitania was Toulouse.

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The last years of Charlemagne's reign saw difficult times. He also fought the Saxons on multiple occasions. However, Odo had ambiguously left the kingdom jointly to his two sons, Hunald and Hatto. It came up repeatedly over the succeeding decades until the grandsons of Charlemagne created distinct sovereign kingdoms. In many respects, the future looked dark.

But you could've added more about him. He was uniquely poised to fight the Byzantine Empire when finally that conflict arose after Charlemagne's imperial coronation and a Venetian rebellion. Their co-conspirator, Arechis, was not subdued, and Adelchis, their candidate in Byzantium, never left that city. For More Information Bullough, Donald. He succeeded, through diplomatic negotiations, in having his imperial title recognized by the Byzantine emperor.