No Yung Berg is currently single

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He said he has not found the right one yet. There is no information on his parents and siblings. They whooped my ass through the club, the security. It's on youtube right now.

Yung Berg is an American rapper, songwriter, record producer. Lucia and av a concert and i also wish to meet him and av a picture and talk.

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Reportedly, he was taken into custody for assaulting his former girlfriend Masika Kalysha Tucker. Lucia, and as we are a small and simply beautiful country, i like yung berg as all do but my wish is for he to come in st. His birth name is Christian Ward. He has a perfect body and has brown eyes and black hair.

Hollywood due to arrest for allegedly assaulting his fellow castmate and girlfriend Masika Kalysha Tucker. They did date for a minute that's why she was in the video The Business with him, but they broke up. He has never dated dark skinned girls.

The show loosely follows events in his and fellow castmate, Hazel E's personal lives. Actually Yung Berg is dating. Rumors and Controversies Yung Berg has faced many legal charges and has been part of several controversies. No Yung Berg is currently single. Ward, and who I really I am, I toned down.

However, during an interview, Berg stated that the two had settled their differences. And he was even in the bed with a dark skinned woman who talked to the interviewers on the phone for only a few seconds before Berg continued his telephone interview. He was dating the singer Casha who was in the video The Business, but they broke up.