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Bollywood themed restaurant in bangalore dating

The menu boasts a long list of great veg and non-veg cuisines along with some authentic Kashmiri drinks. The other is the regular diners, who take out time and enjoy our food, beverages, shesha and music. Recently this restaurant has been featured in many a newspaper about its unique concept and about the food that it serves. So it becomes a sort of small picnic. There is just a one-time entry fee when paid it gives you the freedom to enjoy food from many varieties.

The concept of the stock exchange is rather a new concept even if we compare it to many others from around the world. But next time if you happen to be at Phoenix Market City, Kurla then head on to this place and I must tell you this won't disappoint you. Each and every part of this joint is made keeping in mind Salman's preferences. There is South Indian, Gujarati, Rajasthani among other foods that can be enjoyed.

Dharam Ji being foodie was also interested. Filmy themed cafes are a new theme that is up in the Indian food market in the last one year. There is much more to Maharashtrian food than Puran Poli and Bhakri which of course is good. Might be strong marketing campaigns but the food over here is amazing.

Sukhija, who opened Light Camera Action, is a concept restaurant with Bollywood theme ambience for all movie buffs. To get the Bollywood feel, they also have a tripod stand, which the directors use, cameras and Bollywood music. This is located in one of the biggest malls that Mumbai has and you won't be deprived of choices when it comes to restaurants. One step in and you are in village whereas a short while back you were in the hustle-bustle of a busy mall.

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Having said that as soon as you enter the restaurant the manager will acquaint you with the concept to make you feel at home. It can be a pricey affair but the uniqueness has to be experienced at least once. Visit Diva Maharashtracha you'd be amazed.

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This place is worth a visit if you want to experience an excellent ambiance and want to have great Kashmiri delights. Food will cost a good two thousand rupees for you and your partner. World-over theme restaurants are doing great business.

The juicy butter chicken with the Pahadi kebab was indeed a mouthful, stomach-full, and mouth-watering experience. Also, has the famous lookalike balcony of the Galaxy apartment.

Once you enter you can be there at least for three hours. The restaurant also organizes special shows on a regular basis. Feels good to say that they don't make mistakes. The owners bring the traditional Dhaba and the unique setting for the people of Mumbai. The music which is played at the background is decent to the ears.

The entrance is as well special with Salman's major movie posters with matching Rs. Walls adoring bhais posters are all over the place. For rock music fans this place is a paradise. Then came the idea of Bollywood Dharmendra themed bar. This goes without saying that the owners are big fan's of Salman, just like me.

Quite literally one always feels till the food arrives if the dish you ordered is actually the one that will arrive. The owners have tried to create a pan India village restaurant. Some theme restaurants have got a name for themselves all over the world by coming out with different and out-of-the-box themes.