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And it is because the Tragic Sense of Life is the most direct expression of it that this book is his masterpiece. At the beginning of my reading, the clarity and simplicity in the writing disappointed me. Twentieth-Century Spanish Fiction Writers. An important concept for Unamuno was intrahistoria.

This absurdist work about two men waiting for a third who never arrives is often singled out for its existentialist themes. Read El Cristo de Velazquez. He felt that as a quijotista a fan or student of Don Quixote he was superior to Cervantes. No, I have not betrayed the cause of liberty. Notably, it inspired Sartre to write Being and Nothingness, generally regarded as the first true existentialist philosophical work.

Unamuno was always attracted to traditional meters and, though his early poems did not rhyme, he subsequently turned to rhyme in his later works. There is no Modernist twisting of meanings. They will speak a great deal even if they have nothing to say but this language will portray them. The Rhetoric of Existence. He was also a supporter of Iberian Federalism.

He believed it was as important for a Spaniard to become familiar with the great names of Portuguese literature as with those of Catalan literature. Those authors say that more than a clear concept is an ambiguous metaphor. Here are some of the best-known works that deal with existentialist themes. Dictionary of Literary Biography. This novel functions as a sort of outline of existentialism, describing a main character who is suddenly struck by the realization of the indifference of his surroundings to his own existence.

Polish physicist and chemist who, with her French husband, Pierre, conducted pioneering experiments in radiation and radioactive elements. And, if God does not help us, soon it will have very many more. This is then his nebulous experiment.

You are profaning its sacred domain. She was also an active advocate for allowing women to serve in combat in the military. Some citizens, including many in Unamuno's native Basque region, wished to become independent of the Spanish government based in Madrid and were known as republicans. His book is very absurd, but it is tremendous work and fun for the mind.

Unamuno felt that Cervantes had not told the story of Don Quijote very well, cluttering it with unrelated tales. The title deliberately recalls the famous Novelas ejemplares of Miguel de Cervantes. Unamuno lived through many important events in the history of Spain. During the s and s, he became one of the most passionate advocates of Spanish liberalism.

Unamuno felt that Cervantes had

Unamuno and Spanish Literature. No, I have not become a right-winger. It was as though he had not been absent at all.

The visionary passion of a mind which refuses to accept the denial of spiritual hopes and is yet conscious of the sovereignty of the reasoning faculties finds dramatic expression in this book. Some authors relativize the importance of intrahistoria in his thinking.

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Two years later, his novel Peace in War appeared, an event that coincided with a personal, intense religious crisis, from which Unamuno emerged without an orthodox faith in God. He explains much of human activity as an attempt to survive, in some form, after our death.