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Big bang theory dating quiz, can you name the big bang theory trivia based on the clues?

Big Bang Theory Relationships Quiz - By tisch

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Penny has held many jobs from season to season. Sheldon yelled at her to get out of his apartment when she suggested that he include her in the name of his newly-discovered theorem.

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Can you name the big bang theory trivia based on the clues?

Sheldon, of course, does not like this very much. Seu lado, the rivers of programmes. This woman used to study at Caltech and was obsessed with Sheldon's work for a time. She is quite ordinary, other than the fact that she is extremely socially anxious. We assume that he cheated on her before the series begins.

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She and Raj share a date at a library, so neither of them have to talk. She has trouble talking to people she does not know, but mentions that she tries to force herself to do things that she is uncomfortable with to get over this fear. When she first moves to Pasadena from Nebraska, she tells Leonard and Sheldon that she's an actress. Someone who, realistically, we had never expected to see again.

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They spend the date sitting across from one another, communicating via text message. This is the first person Raj has dated who can so strongly relate to him in this way. Sheldon, of course, was oblivious to her infatuation at the time. Years into Sheldon and Amy's relationship, when things are finally!

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When she moves in, she befriends the Leonard and Sheldon. In fact, at the time, she talks about a screenplay she's writing that is about a girl who comes to the big city to become a famous actress.

Leonard is smitten with Penny right away, and when he finds out that her shower doesn't work, he offers her the use of theirs.

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