This is the case with Disk Storage

Backup exec 2019 job status updating catalogs

This can be a time consuming process, especially when a Backup Set is needed to be restored. It is important to note that the pass phrase is stored in the Backup Exec database in an encrypted format. If the media is not found then only data in the available media can be restored. The Job History of an Inventory Job will show the details about media.

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On tape, the resource backups are appended if not specified to overwrite i. Normally, this problem is seen when a media contains an abruptly ended backup set.

It can happen that a backup job was aborted midway by ending the bengine. One can easily find out the backup set that is missing media. More information can be found in the Related Articles linked below. It is possible that the media info does not exist in the database.

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You must close this message before you can go to the Tools menu. This helps to know how many media a particular resource backup has spanned. In others, I just cover them with the regular tape backup. This is the case with Disk Storage.

It is recommended to back up both these folders for ease of recovering Backup Exec configuration. The header files remain and a full restore can be performed. How to find the Family Sequence Number of a particular set The Family Sequence Number is the order in which the media is picked and used by Backup Exec during a backup operation.

Of course, if you're small enough that everything is ending up on a single tape then that's probably all irrelevant. Disk Storage in the case seen above. When running the Central Admin Server Option, keys must be created on the media server that is running the job. The information about earlier sets will be lost.