He is good at playing guitar

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If they feel hungry he would like to take her to the cafe instead of restaurants and after taking a light meal he wants to continue with the same like holding hands with her and walking in love. He wants a girl who loves his company. Moreover he is not much interested to have an affair with anyone. Hence he has not been in relationship with anyone.

As he is busy in developing his career in this field of music and He was not able to find time to think about his personal interest. He has just began his career in the field of music by posting his photo which was noted by the officials of that team. Apart from singing he is a good song writer.

He is looking for a compatible girl who can be with him throughout his life and support his career. He has narrated this with lots of laughter in between his conversation. They feel that he will reveal his personal facts to his fans without getting hesitated. He wanted to make his wife always happy.

When the picture regarding dating the star girl nancy went viral in social media, some of his fans did not believe in this dating rumor. It was said that he might be dating her.

He wants a loving and kind hearted girl. He expects his girl to be loyal to him. He loves to hold her hands by enjoying the beauty of nature. He is very kind person by nature.

He expects the same nature of being kind to everyone around her. They all appreciate his kind attitude. Other than this nothing was much known about his affair. As of now they feel that he is single and concentrating in his career.

He expects the

Let see what happens in the future. He has no affairs nor relationship with anyone.

As of now he has no plan to enter in to the marriage life. He has to keep up his fans belief without hurting them.

They all appreciate his kind