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The driver in the photograph sits relaxed in his stool with the steering wheel in his hand, but the whole display seems to be balanced by a smaller stabiliser wheel on the side.

Maybe this is why these vehicles never caught on as serious transportation, but the bizarre concept of the monowheel has captivated engineers for almost a century and a half. The advantage of this arrangement, however, is that the propeller always pulls or pushes the wheel forwards, without relying on the weight of the rider and engine to provide reaction. Engineers were still widely experimenting with Velocipedes and bicycles, tricycles and quadricycles powered by pedals, treadles or hand-cranks.

The driver sits quite high from the ground and almost upright with the tubular chassis running between his legs. There is therefore no possibility of gerbilling due to incautious acceleration, but it could still happen during braking. How would you like to spend your hours in traffic caged inside a giant wheel? The outside consisted of a metal framework, so that the driver could look through the openings in the wheel frame. Although the front cover of Popular Science Monthly from April depicted it on a racing track, we have no idea what ever happened to Professor Christie.

That year also saw the introduction of two further pedal-driven monowheels in France, followed by several similar machines in the s and s. Hemmings from New Haven, Connecticut. One of these was the mids Italian Motorouta that was actually produced in limited numbers. It has even said to have knocked someone over during this test-run because of the inadequate stering system.

Patent research shows there was some pretty fierce rivalry going on. The engine steering mechanism is fitted onto a backbone chassis running to a contra weight at the back. For one, it was wide enough to stand up by itself, without the need of continuous and rather tricky balancing.

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We know that he made it to Arles in the south of France, but whether he ever reached Spain is unclear. One wheel is all you really need? The project was soon abandoned after that. The last known news from the project was a finished model of a five-seating Dynosphere with an enclosed glassed-in cabin, complete with bumpers and headlights. John Archibald Purves from England, can the carbon dating be used for diamonds who seriously believed that one huge wheel encompassing five passengers was far more efficient than a car with four smaller wheels.

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Here the driver sits inside the wheel more like the position on a normal motorcycle. And there was even a third American monowheel patented that year by Richard C. These machines were tested on the beach at Brean Sands and at Brooklands racing track. The outside of the wheel was part of the surface of a sphere, so that it did not touch the ground over its entire width and could be tilted sideways for steering.

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