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An evil corporation seems to be scheming in the background. Liu only allows a few small nods to acknowledge the marriage's controversial nature. It is a very real relationship with its problems and its joys. Variant cover art Gallery At the center of the issues collected here is the marriage between Northstar and his boyfriend Kyle. Not to worry, this is not simply a wedding episode.

And something very not right is going on with Karma. The bonus materials are also good. Moreover Liu establishes the wedding without too much concern for the wedding's incredible importance in connection with modern politics.

Stay as my friend and teammate. Artist Mike Perkins creates many beautiful panels, particularly the lavish attention to the details of the New York City background. At a glance, it seems nice enough.

There is a fight with the Marauders. The problem is, none of these feel particularly compelling. But curiosity got the better of me for the big wedding issue this month. Everyone who espouses a desire to see a more tolerant society will want to read this issue. The Alpha Flught issue contains the episode when Northstar publicly became a homosexual superhero.

Wolverine and the X-Men are Northstar's friends, so they are of course happy to attend the ceremony. Because, after all, in fictional works everything always works out just fine once the wedding itself arrives.

There is a fight

Instead it quickly turns into a strange exercise of how many wedding cliches can be crammed into a single issue. The two men love each other, it's natural they want to be married.