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Lately we are getting people from different places, like Egypt, India and Lebanon, for example. Learn techniques for creating full scale mural works, with focus on efficient use of time, colour harmony, perspective, and the imitation of surfaces. This is a course with a lot of practical colour techniques, useful for honing colour, composition and brushwork skills.

The people who come are often working in some artistic field and they have specific ideas about what they want to learn. This medium is so exciting for painters, it has all the versatility and richness of oil painting and the freshness of water colour.

Twenty years of our lives passed before we were rejoined. According to Rand, that's what counts. Most of them are historically correct techniques dating back to the early renaissance, and involve the use of real gold leaf and water gilding.

Private lessons are also available. From inside the cubicle I could hear two girls discussing Dan and how nice they thought he was. Luckily that date was Dan so we compared notes on how it had gone then I went to the bathroom and he went to the bar. God will take care of the rest. In other words, do whatever it is that makes you great.

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When I mentioned I was going to my friend Alison, she told me about a lesbian speed-dating night her ex-girlfriend had put on a few years back. This course can be taken also for the pure pleasure of discovering this exciting medium. Italian water gilding techniques useful for making beautiful decorative panels, gilded furniture and frames, or for the restoration of antique frames. But we had arrived and there was no point backing out.

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The instructions were simple. Which is what people tend to do when they've just discovered Ayn Rand. All the women sat at a table, and the men moved from table to table every time a whistle was blown. May a gentle breeze of peace comfort you. During my years of working as an apprentice I learned the traditional techniques of gilding, furniture painting and restoration.

Speed dating was an absolute blast. There is certainly a lot of great inspiration there.

The world is so connected now through internet. In fact, until recently I was one of those uneducated boors who thought the author's first name was pronounced Ann.