This is why it was frowned upon

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It has become widespread at a local level. Many people still live by the trikitixa teaching, selling, playing, organising, and so on.

It undoubtedly achieved a greater level of freedom when country people took time out for pleasure. There have been creators and there are but a few around now, but there are too many who are repetitive. The changes that this has brought about have been tremendous. The trikitixa became part of rural culture, the open-air feasts, while in the city, it was the chromatic accordion which dominated. Roots do not have to be and ancient or an old story, but rather it has to be something that has rooted itself in popular culture.

Its roots were put down in rural areas given that, in the cities, it had many competitors, such as bands, brass and so on. The trikitixa has found new spaces and it is still something in constant flux.

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Social function Regarding the social function, it should not be forgotten, apart from their relationship with the people, the way of life of the trikitilaris. In the opinion of Perez de Urraza, trikitixa is an instrumental duo made up of the diatonic accordion and the tambourine. This is why it was frowned upon.

In Beltran's opinion, it also had an economic and social function, given that the trikitilaris have been semi-professionals. In order that the instrument could flourish, there had to be a public, good performers and places where it was sold. The trikitixa has changed along with society, and has opened up to new influences, styles and ways of playing. Here we have a modern instrument but it is widespread in a rural context.

Baile suelto enjoyed success as did el baile agarrado. Roots The trikitixa soon gained an important place amongst those instruments which were played at a folk and popular level. Society Society has been witness to great changes which have taken place from the past century to today.