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Some stations were fined for failure to pay copyright fees associated with the right to broadcast a series. After Greek political parties accused the party holding the prime minister's office of using the broadcast stations for their own benefit.

Change came when the other major political party won control of Parliament. Throughout most of modern Greek history, each political party has had its own newspaper with the party leader serving as editor. Deregulation of Greek media came from outside the country when Greece applied for membership in the European Union.

Fewer educational and documentary programs are

Ariadne Hellenic News Base offers news from well-known Greek radio stations and news agencies in both Greek and English. If a show lacks sufficient popularity after two years, it is cancelled. During the trial the Greek government realized that media reform was needed. The Sunday press is exclusively published in Athens. Each was taken to court and won.

Greek nationalism was thwarted, but the desire to bring all Greeks under one national flag would add a new theme to Greek politics and newspapers. Fewer educational and documentary programs are aired. Political parties were dissolved, the media was suppressed, closed down, or censored, and human rights were curtailed.

Greek nationalism was thwarted