Their relationship was on-and-off

Amanda seyfried and dominic cooper dating

So it's a prequel and a sequel, and so you see Meryl is very much a part of it. Donna did seem to have the longest relationship with him - upping her chances, but the men were all with Donna in a period of a few weeks. Her drawing ability might come from Sam, her musical ability from Harry and her lust for travel might come from Bill. Andrew Joblon Seyfried decided to venture away from dating other celebrities when she got together with Andrew Joblon.

Their relationship was on-and-off. The year-old actress admits in a new interview that it wasn't all smooth sailing with her husband, Thomas Sadoski. Josh Hartnett The two actors dated in early and although they were hot for each other, the relationship fizzled after five months. The two actors hit it off right away and although they kept their relationship private, they were often seen together.

Similar to her busy career, Amanda Seyfried has had an interesting dating life. She decided it was best to separate. His sense of humor is was attracted her.

Publicity Picture Harry is oneSeyfried has said Marchant was

There are three possibilities when it comes to who the dad might be, made even more confusing by Sophie sharing talents with all three. Last year, they costarred in an off-Broadway show The Way We Get By and towards the end of the production, Seyfried and Sadoski were definitely an item. Although she only dated the New York real-estate executive for four months, it was a different spin on her usual guy.

We find out Donna was the first woman he loved - and the last. The two movie stars had an on-off-relationship.

He is seen after the wedding with a man from the island. Seyfried went to London to shoot Les Miserables. The movie never confirms it but there are a few clues that have fans convinced. In the film, her character is married to Cooper's.

Publicity Picture Harry is one of the potential fathers. Seyfried has said Marchant was special to her and dating him had a great impact on her but their timing was off. Jesse Marchant The talented actress dated Marchant, an actor and musician, for two years.